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Fleet Risk Solutions is more than just an insurance agency.

We are a Risk Management firm that helps you obtain the best coverage at the best possible rate. We have two primary objectives we seek to provide for each and every one of our clients whether they have 1 truck or a fleet of trucks; Stability and Efficiency.

Providing stability and efficiency in trucking can be very difficult especially for Owner Operators, New Entrants and Small Fleets. We take a proactive approach to Risk Management which results in us having a more active relationship with our clients than most other insurance agencies in the market.

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Our Core Mission

Insurance & Risk Management

Risk Management and Loss Control are at the core of our mission. In the simplest of terms, Risk Management is the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling risks that threaten your company’s success. Insurance and Risk Management naturally go hand in hand as companies with stronger Risk Management programs almost always benefit from lower insurance premiums. Risk is not always considered bad, and at Fleet Risk Solutions we help our clients create Risk Management programs that aim to minimize the potential losses without limiting the potential growth of your business.

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We work hard to develop the ideal partnerships to best benefit your trucking business

As a business owner, you’ve got plenty of decisions to make every day for the success of your business. Our partnerships are meant to help you select companies you can trust, without having to take time away from your duties as a business owner to do the research.

Our partnerships include:

  • Fuel Cards
  • Factoring
  • Payroll
  • Exclusive ELD Partnership

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Benefits & Retirement

When going into business for themselves many business owners are so focused on the business, and how to protect the business they often forget to protect themselves. As a trucking company you can probably remember the first few weeks after applying for your DOT and Authority. It was probably a constant stream of phone calls, emails, text messages, and event postcards. Very few of those mention anything that protects your livelihood as a business owner. Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, and Health Insurance are the three most common coverages new business owners forget to think about, and while I’m sure you love driving and love the company you created, but you also need an end goal, Retirement. 

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Trucking Insurance Articles

Learn from our team of experts and help your business stay successful.

FreightWaves: Georgia extends moratorium on fuel tax

In the midst of rising fuel prices and short supply, the state of Georigia has been an oasis of relative ease and comfort given the steps the state government has taken to offer relief to beleaguered motorists through the fuel tax. One such tool was a state moratorium on its usual fuel tax. Georgia generally…

FreightWaves: Diesel inventories low, supply increasing

With the tightening economic conditions, everyone is looking to cut back in any way they can, slashing budgets and finding places to trim expenses in the face of a feared recession or economic downturn.  For a trucking company, though, there’s one budget item that is essentially uncontrollable, requiring fleet owners to simply grit their teeth…

Always remember to check your blind spots

Every vehicle has its blind spots. Compared to most other vehicles, a transfer truck, multiple yards long with limited sight distance from the cabin, has more than its share. A big truck will have multiple blind spots, at the front, at the rear and on both sides. This creates numerous places another vehicle can be…

Logan Hooks Owner, Lead Agent

Logan utilizes a holistic approach to assist trucking companies with growth, and survival in one of the most volatile times in our history. A strong risk management program is critical for every business, but trucking companies are extremely susceptible to breaks in the risk management process. Maintenance violations, driver violations, breakdowns, driver turnover, and the list goes on, all have a domino effect on each other, and the cost of operating a trucking company.

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